Sandra De Nutte

The Studio - Architecture and Interior Design

Sandra De Nutte is an architect and interior designer based in Valencia, Spain, who collaborates with brands and clients to develop unique and distinctive spaces that reflect the identity and essence of each project. She specializes in high-end residential and hospitality interior design, as well as retail and commercial spaces such as offices and exhibition stands, and seeks to create functional spaces with high aesthetic value.

Studio de Nutte believes in blurring the boundaries between the different scales of work and developing deeply integrated projects that combine both architecture and interior design. The studio’s approach is based on the premise that every project should be understood as a whole in which different arts and crafts coexist. Sandra’s work reflects rigor, attention to detail, and a commitment to returning dignity to humble materials. From her base in Valencia, she has developed projects in different locations including Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Milan, Colombia, and Panama.

Sandra De Nutte - Architect and Interior Designer

Sandra De Nutte has extensive experience in the field of interior design and architecture. She began her career traveling and working in various cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Bogota. During this time, she designed high-end interiors for hotels, airport lounges, and residences, as well as office and corporate buildings, prototypes for colivings, and restored an old factory for an art foundation while working for prestigious studios such as Francesc Rife, Eduardo de Miguel, Alonso Balaguer, and Rafael de La Hoz.

Sandra’s vision is inspired by the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, and her primary differential value lies in her ability to develop integral projects understood as a “total work of art” that addresses the technical aspects of architecture in the design process, thanks to her knowledge and experience in both fields. Studio de Nutte’s projects showcase timeless elegance, simplicity, and quality and seek to restore dignity to materials that may escape traditional standards of beauty. Her work has been featured in various leading industry publications, and her portfolio includes collaborations with renowned design brands such as Minotti, Molteni&C, and Schaller, as well as private commissions in Spain, Italy, Colombia, and Panama.