Minotti Flagship Store, 2020

Bogotá, Colombia
Constructed area (m2):
Minotti Studio
Mateo Pérez
The renowned Italian furniture firm, Minotti, embarked on an ambitious project to strengthen its presence in the Latin American market by opening a new showroom in Bogotá, in collaboration with the Schaller Group.

This architectural project was developed in conjunction with the brand’s in-house team, emphasizing the entire company’s commitment to excellence and resulting in a space that pays homage to Minotti’s classic-modern essence.

On the façade, a set of black awnings extends like delicate eyelashes, framing the gaze of those approaching the building. This façade, with a total area of 400 m2, houses the new Minotti Flagship Store, strategically located on one of Bogotá’s most prominent streets, near Parque de la 93.

The interior design of the showroom is organized on two levels, where the predominant tone of raw steel guides customers towards the captivating experience of the “Minotti living concept.”

Upon crossing the threshold of the double door, visitors are greeted under a metallic ceiling that serves as a canopy, housing the first part of the collection. This ceiling transforms into a steel staircase designed to accompany the artworks that introduce the first level. In this space, the steel tone gradually merges with the wooden floor, creating a visual transition that provides continuity to the entire area. It is here that the second part of the collection is displayed, accompanied by a travertine marble wall with a steel-colored fireplace preceding an area dominated by an immense bar for offering refreshments. The more private office spaces remain concealed behind hidden doors within steel walls, and the meeting room is concealed behind glass doors integrated into the same wall.